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Taking proper care of your manicure will make it last longer and keep your nails looking fabulous! To start, prepare your nails with a nail file to get the desired shape you want. Then soak your hands in warm soapy water to soften them up - this helps give a better look when filing your cuticles down. Afterwards, apply a base coat and let it dry before moving on to the second coat - ensuring even coverage is key! Next comes fun part: painting your nails with whatever vibrant hue you desire. Let this coat dry completely and finish off with a layer of clear topcoat to protect the fresh look. Now you can show off those perfectly groomed nails – they’re sure to turn heads!

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Pedicures are an essential part of taking care of your feet. Not only will they leave you with soft, smooth skin, but they also provide a much needed break from everyday life! Pedicures can help to prevent fungal and bacterial infections as well as providing stress relief. Spending a few bucks on yourself once in a while to treat the skin and nails on your feet is worth it- your feet deserve the love too! Pedicure care should not be overlooked when it comes to beauty routine. Find some time for yourself and indulge in a special pampering session; your feet will never thank you enough!


Taking proper care of your nails is essential for promoting better overall health. Regular nail care helps keep bacteria and fungi away, decreasing the risk of infection that can result if nails are not properly cleaned and maintained. Having neat, trimmed and clean nails can also help reduce the risk of germs being transmitted to people around you if you're using tools such as scissors or tweezers, since bacteria and fungi could be on the surface of objects used while a person has dirty hands or nails. In addition, regular buffing and polishing can improve the look and feel of your nails, helping to prevent breakage, chipping and discoloration for healthier looking digits all season long!


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